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Environment & Quality Assurance Approach

In recent years, many companies are actively seeking to reduce their burden on the environment; the ideal here is harmony between humanity and the environment. This has become an important item of social responsibility for corporate citizenship.

The performance and reliability of the precision auto-assembly equipment that is our principal product has a tremendous influence on your company’s operations, such as factory capacity operating rate and operating efficiency etc, which explains our continual pursuit for ever greater reliability.

At TSS, all product development respects the environment; we manufacture high-reliability equipment that our customers can use with confidence and peace of mind. We have established and continue to operate an environmental management system and quality management system based on ISO standards.

Environmental Approach

At TSS we take the universal theme of the “conservation of Earth’s environment” seriously as an important management issue and we work to enhance our management system within our business activities targeting all domestic facilities, factories and products by combining efforts to continuously reduce environmental impact.

Environmental Policy

As we contribute to help improve the environment with our main products, which are automated electronic parts assembly equipment and connectors, through “product development with consideration given to environmental burden” and “high quality that is reassuring for our customers”, we also recognize the burdens the consumption of energies and raw materials, defective products and flaws in production can have on the environment. To that end, we have established environmental purposes and targets to a technologically and economically viable extent, and we are promoting the continuous reduction of environmental impact.

  • To maintain our environment management system and continue to make improvements.
  • To aim for environmental impact reduction within product designing, development, manufacturing, retailing and services, while getting involved in the following efforts:
    1. Providing of environmentally friendly products and services;
    2. Promoting of energy and resource efficiency;
    3. Reducing waste products;
    4. Promoting of green procurement.
  • To obey legally regulations concerning the environment and other rules agreed by the TSS Group in order to prevent any environmental pollution.
  • The current environmental policy shall be made known not only to the entire TSS staff, but also to collaborating partner companies to make them understand and cooperate in our efforts to care for the environment.

Product Quality Approach

Since the establishment of TSS, we have earned our customers’ trust with our development of high-precision production equipment for processing electronic parts. In May 2006 we acquired ISO9001 certification (JQA-QM6494) for all of our products, including automated production equipment and connectors for electronic devices. In addition, we also obtained TS/ISO16949 for our automobile connector production division in July 2009.

Product Quality Policy


  • To provide products and services of the highest quality as a company that transmits Japan’s renowned creative culture to the world.
  • To continuously improve product and service quality.
  • To cut back on costs and reduce delivery period though more efficient production.
  • To realize overall optimization through proactive communication.
  • To continuously improve the validity of the conformity to required matters and the validity of our quality management system.
  • To set specific quality target in each division and the entire company based on the quality policy, promote activities for better improvements, as well as periodically reexamine the quality policy.

Machines Division

  • To thoroughly create “good machines” based on the TSS definition.
  • To conduct efficient productions by effectively utilizing resources in Japan and China.
  • To continuously reinforce our revolutionary technological development power.

Connectors Division

  • To thoroughly improve quality management and strive to eliminate flaws and defects.
  • To thoroughly establish our policy to observe delivery dates.

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