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Regarding Personal Information

TSS Co., Ltd. (hereafter, TSS) abides fully by applicable laws, etc, relating to the handling of personal information, and has implemented the following policy in order to protect personal information.

1. Management of Personal Information

Necessary and appropriate measures have been taken in order to prevent illegal access/loss/alteration/reveal, etc of all personal information received from our customers (including name, address, mail address, etc).

2.Uses of Personal Information

This information is used as necessary to contact customers making inquiries through the TSS homepage.

In some cases, depending on the nature of the inquiry, a TSS partner company, subcontractor, or affiliated business, etc may be required to answer the inquiry. To facilitate this, a customer’s personal information may be provided to this partner, subcontractor or affiliate. Also, in order for TSS to continue providing outstanding customer service, new product or service information may be forwarded to a customer’s contact address. If this is unnecessary or unwanted, it will be discontinued upon the customer's request.

3.Personal Information: Inquiries & Alteration

If customers wish to make inquiries about or alter personal information they have themselves provided to TSS, they are requested to use the inquiry form for this purpose. This will be carried out as rapidly as possible, as soon as TSS can confirm the identity of the customer.

4. Personal Information: Improving Our Response

While TSS abides fully by applicable laws, etc, relating to the handling of personal information, we continually strive to improve our handling of and response to personal information with regard to the measures listed above.


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