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TSS-manufactured automatic assembly machines produce the internal electronic components for everything essential to the modern lifestyle: automobiles, communications equipment, office equipment, computers, game equipment, domestic appliances, etc. Our machines demonstrate their capabilities every day in every corner of the globe.
The drive to develop ingenious new machines and the undaunted pursuit of challenging new technology have cultivated our very real corporate experience, know-how, and creativity in the field of connector-related automatic assembly machines.
Technology is shaped by people, because our growth alone is the only way to build a relationship of trust with our customers. Our path is one that sees continuous partnership that allows us to provide the best solutions at all times.

Thinking about introducing new manufacturing equipment?

Having headaches with auto-assembly machinery or electronic components? Don't hesitate: TSS can help!

  • Since its founding, TSS has engaged in all kinds of design and manufacturing work, from producing connector and semiconductor manufacturing equipment through to assembly equipment for magic markers. This wealth of experience has given our staff broad technical expertise, which guarantees prompt and accurate assistance for all your needs.
  • At TSS, we don't limit ourselves to conventional approaches. Active application of state-of-the-art technological solutions and our wealth of experience allow us to achieve the twin goals of reliability and cost-performance, even in cutting-edge technological fields.
  • Continuous system improvement means TSS is working day and night to optimize every single aspect of the "manufacturing process", which enables us to provide our products to customers with "outstanding timing

Using such technology, TSS manufactures the following machines:

  • Stitching Insertion Machine
  • Stitching and Bend Insertion Machine
  • Gang Insertion and Post Insertion machine
  • Visual Inspection Machine
  • Packing Machine
  • Polymide Taping Machine
  • Plug Assembly Machine
  • Sensor Assembly Machine
  • Relay Assembly Machine
  • Capacitor Assembly Machine (automated condenser assembly machine)

Executable revs.

1000rpm and above *Depending on the condition of product, such as product shape.

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