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The answer to the question “Can electronics parts be automatically made as long as high quality equipment is available?” is “No.” Regardless of how well you can create equipment and facilities, without people who can handle them, you will not be able to produce good products. This is because products mirror the dedication of the minds that create them. At TSS we wish to convey our dedication through the products we create. We strive everyday to ensure we are always trusted by our customers, who can feel reassured to entrust work with us.

Looking to entrust manufacturing?

TAt TSS we can meet your needs by taking advantage of the experience and knowhow we have acquired over the years in connector-related automated assembly machine production and apply that in the manufacturing of connectors. We propose a safe and stable manufacturing system that is both ISO9001 and TS16949 (quality standard for automobile-related productions) compliant and has high cost performance. We deliver high quality products.

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