The TSS Group is a manufacturing group. Our determination to create the world’s best products is also present in our social contributions aiming to create a happier world. We are developing new products on a daily basis in order to put our technology in connector-related automated assembly machines to use in medical equipment and environment-related business areas.

The 3 Policies on new business & product development

Our ongoing business is based on the following three policies:

  • To aim at product creation (producOur ongoing business is based on the following three policies: ts with high creativity) that can contribute to the society.
  • To apply our experience and technology on building new business pillars and promote the continuous development of new businesses and products.
  • To promote collaborated developments with businesses, medical centers, educational bodies and other organization in our local Ota-ku.

Efforts Related to Medical devices

In order for medical device manufacturing, we have obtained the following licenses based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act in Japan:

  • Medical Device Manufacturing License (General Medical Devices): 16BZ200016
  • Class II Medical Device Manufacturing and Sales License: 13BX10138
  • High-control Medical Device and Equipment Sales and Leasing License: No. 4501111000004

Product(s) we are currently working on:

Pulse Sonagraph

Environment-related involvements

As part of our involvement in environment-related efforts, we are currently working on the following product(s):

Product(s) we are currently working on:

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