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Club Activities

TSS employees value both their work and private lives. This page will provide a glimpse of what they do in TSS club activities. Through these club activities, many employees became more aware of their health, some have succeeded in dieting and other were able to quit smoking. These activities are independently carried out by all our employees. You can see the vitality from their expression on a daily basis. The wellbeing of the mind and body is a No. 1 priority.

Marathon Club

The marathon club mainly involves running and other activities that take place during lunch break and weeknights. All kinds of members participate in various marathon events, some of them are expert runners who compete for every minute and second, other aim to win some kind of giveaway at the events. After running each marathon, members always celebrate it with a barbecue. It is an irresistible treat to have barbecue and beer after running.

Mountaineering Club

Once a month we climb low mountains with remaining snow in summer and high mountains in autumn. This year we were able to fulfill our dream of reaching the summit of Mt. Tsurugidake. These mountains are extremely tough to climb and mountains like Mt. Tsurugidake are particularly dangerous and scary to climb. But when you stand atop the summit the emotional feeling and the view are fantastic. Although we intentionally go and climb difficult mountains, the harder it gets, the greater the sense of accomplishment we feel. We believe this process also applies to our work. We will continue to challenge the various “peaks” in our jobs and the mountains. Incidentally, we also welcome anyone interested in climbing lower mountains.

Basketball Club

We mainly practice at the town’s gym after work on Fridays. Sometimes we have to go to neighboring towns to practice, when the nearest gym is fully booked. When we don’t have enough members to play, we sometimes go bowling or drinking. While most of us are inexperienced basketball players, we are a group of people who love to move our bodies and enjoy running around on the basketball court, either cheering, screaming or shouting out strange noises.

Angling Club

The Sea of Japan is only a 2 to 3-minute drive from our factory. On holidays, during lunch break, or on our way home from work, we often think about doing a bit of fishing. And that is one of the nice things about our Toyama #1 Factory. While lure fishing is simple, often we don’t manage to catch any fish. But sometimes we end up catching oval squids or yellowtails—seafoods considered high-quality delicacies in Tokyo—with our very own hands. There was this guy who fished out a redspotted grouper, another high-quality fish, and seeing that the fish appeared inedible he return the fish back into the sea. After he found out what delicacy he had thrown back he deeply regretted it.

Soccer Club

Our main practice location is limited to the company grounds, making us a very local and solitary group. We are also an intriguing group of people, who, based on our unproven belief that the mental strength is proportional to the improvement of the physical strength, somehow ended up playing soccer together. Interesting members began to join our intriguing group and we are now an 11-member team. We always pay 3 on 3 games and strangely we somehow grew to an actual soccer team size. Regardless of whether we are good at soccer, we just think it is fun and healthy to play soccer during lunch breaks on fine, sunny days and we will continue to enjoy our soccer playing.

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