TSS's Attention to Detail

One of the characteristics of the Japanese is that we pay particular “attention to detail” in our craftsmanship. This particular attention to detail is engrained into us from a young age and upbringing, which Japanese people can sometimes take for granted, but is a process that is not found amoung the rest of the world. In other countries, people might speculate that it is not necessary to be so particular on everything. Surprisingly, it is something that the Japanese do normally, and we at TSS pride and utilize this attention to detail that cannot be replicated through any procedures, manuals, or education.

However, in this world, there are always two sides of the coin. This meticulousness may help create better work, such as improving quality and performance, and increasing the added value of products, which will often provide new experiences that will help bring new success in the future. However, due to this diligent effort to find perfection, it is possible to simply continue to produce results that will not only just be expensive, but you will not be able to incorporate new techniques and thoughts as well.

The Japanese manufacturing industry has been dragged by the bad side of this paid “attention to detail”, and many companies, including TSS, must feel that they have driven themselves into a corner. Japan, which has been leading the world in manufacturing, is now in need of studying manufacturing in the world and follow in the footsteps of other innovators, especially in low-cost producing countries. Needless to say, the “craftsmanship” that is the identity of Japanese manufacturing should not be easily thrown out the window either. Rather, we believe that we have an obligation and responsibility to continue to provide products with a strong commitment to Japanese manufacturing throughout the world. We devote ourselves to ingenuity to provide our customers with products that have the perfect balance of quality, cost, and delivery time while executing our “attention to detail” in our products.

Together with the people of the world, we at TSS will continue to make and deliver products with Japanese manufacturing and its “attention to detail.” I believe that is the path for Japan and the Japanese manufacturing industry to keep on thriving.



VISION - As experienced professionals in the electronic parts assembly industry, we will provide our clients with some of the world's fastest and highest quality automation assembly machines.Utilizing “Japanese craftsmanship”, we will contribute to society by developing the world's most advanced medical equipment.

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Additional Info

Company Name TSS Co., Ltd.
Founded December 26, 1960
Established June 1, 1984
Employees 195
Business Details Connector Automated Assembly Machinery and Inspection Equipment/Cable Connectivity and Automated Assembly Machinery and Inspection Equipment/Semiconductor Related Manufacturing
Offices Tokyo Sales Office
2-29-14 Higashi-Kamata
Ootaku, Tokyo 144-0031
Toyama Factory and Office
271-3 Kusano Asahi
Shimoniikawa-gun, Toyama 939-0734

Office LocationTokyo Sales Office

2-29-14 Higashi-Kamata
Ootaku, Tokyo 144-0031
TEL: +81 (0)3-3739-0010

Office LocationToyama Factory 1
and Factory 2

271-3 Kusano Asahi
Shimoniikawa-gun, Toyama 939-0734
Factory 1 TEL: +81 (0)765-82-1100
Factory 2 TEL: +81 (0)765-82-0114


Corporate History

Dec. 1960 Established Tokyo Seken Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
Founded as a tool manufacturing company based on the technology founded by the founder Totaro Ogawa, the first president at the NEC Mita Works
Newly built Togoshi Factory (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
Sep. 1970 Takeshi Tanaka appointed Representative Director Totaro Ogawa Chairman
Aiming for large machines that depend on electric control, they secured engineers and establish corporate policy
April 1973 Established Toyama Seken Co., Ltd. (Nyuzen Town, Toyama Prefecture)
Established a factory in Nyuzen-machi, with the decentralization of major manufacturers
Oct. 1977 Order received for fully automatic assembly machine
Feb. 1980 Expansion of design department aiming to design and manufacture automatic assembly machines
Dec. 1982 First patent application for pressure welding equipment for connectors
Started integration of production from manufacture of connector automatic assembly equipment to product assembly
June 1984 Established Total Sound Stack Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
Mar. 1985 Kamata Office (Ota-ku, Tokyo) opened
Mar. 1987 Completion of Toyama Daiichi Factory (Asahicho, Toyama Prefecture)
July 1987 Capital increase Capital 20 million yen
Mar. 1988 Established Connector Production Department
Jan. 1991 Opened Toyama Sekensha’s second factory (Asahi, Toyama Prefecture)
Nov. 1997 Surveillance camera business started
May 1999 CE mark certified for small combination camera
April 2001 Acquired ISO9001 for outdoor integrated swivel camera
Apr. 2005 Changed company name to TSS Co., Ltd.
June 2005 Acquired ISO 14001 certification within entire company
Apr. 2006 Acquired ISO9001 certification within entire company
Feb. 2007 Kamata Office is certified as “Yu Factory” in Ota-ku
May 2007 Launched automotive connector business
Jun. 2008 Sold surveillance camera business
July 2009 Toyama second factory ISO / TS16949(IATF16949) certified
Aug. 2010 Atsushi Tanaka assumed the position of President
Takeshi Tanaka assumed the position of Chairman
Nov. 2012 Completed Toyama Factory 2 (next to Factory 1)
Dec. 2017 Selected as a regional future leader in Asahi, Toyama


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