Quality and Environmental Care

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In recent years, active efforts to reduce environmental damage with the aim of “ideal harmony between humankind and the environment” is at the forefront of corporate social responsibilities.
Additionally, precision automated assembly equipment, the main product of TSS, greatly affects factory operation rate and work efficiency. Therefore, there is a need for further reliability and trust in machinery.
At TSS, the concepts of “eco-friendly product development” and “creating highly reliable, trustworthy equipment” were used to develop our approach towards environmental management systems as well as a quality management system based on ISO standards.

Pursuit of Quality

Since its founding, TSS has built customer trust by developing high-precision production equipment for processing electronic components. In May 2006, we obtained ISO9001 certification for all products including production automation machines and connectors for electronic equipment. In July 2009, the automotive connector manufacturing division obtained IATF16949.

Quality Policies

・ As a company that provides world-class Japanese manufacturing culture, we aim to improve customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products and services.
・ We adhere to laws, regulations and customer requirements, and realize overall optimization with consideration for quality, safety and the environment.
・ We Periodically review the conformity and effectiveness of the quality management system, and make continuous improvements to evolve into a company that pushes Japanese technology forward.
・ In accordance with the management policy and business plan, specific quality targets are set for the entire company and each department, and improvement activities are planned.

Environmental Contribution

Under the leadership of our executive board, TSS has established a corporate philosophy and vision with the goal of protecting the global environment, which is a shared goal for all of humanity. Our vision is to find new ways to resolve environmental issues through all of our products and our facilities through “Monozukuri”.
Monozukuri is the Japanese word to describe the unique, detailed and diligent craftsmanship that the Japanese put into building items. Like sharpening a blade on a sword, TSS sharpens its skills through Monozukuri to be an effective key player in the betterment of the environment and society.

Environmental Policies

・We continuously improve, implement and maintain EMS to improve environmental performance.
・ In product design / development, manufacturing, sales, and services, the following items are aimed at reducing environmental impact
 1: Evaluate the environmental impact of products and services at the development and design stages of a project
 2: Reduction of waste generated by business activities, energy and resource saving
 3: We take perspectives at different stages from raw material procurement to manufacturing, transportation, disposal and recycling to reduce waste
・Determine, operate and evaluate compliance obligations that apply to environmental aspects.
・Protect biodiversity and ecosystems in the surrounding area such as factories through appropriate management of chemical substances.


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