TECHNOLOGY Striving Towards Innovative Technologies

Automobiles, communication devices, personal computers, game consoles, home appliances are indispensable in our everyday life…
In these products, the electronic components still act as the key crystal of our technology.
We aim to develop original machines and continue to challenge ourselves to use new technologies without hesitation.
Technology is not a thing, but a thing that dwells in people.
The path we choose is to continue to be the partner that always provides the best solutions while building relationships of trust with our customers.

Automatic assembly machine

TSS aims to develop original machines, and strives to challenge ourselves to use new technologies without hesitation.
We directly apply the methods and creativity from our experience in the field of connector-related automatic assembly machines. 
In order to meet the needs of every product that is improving at high speed, high quality, and high precision every day at a tremendous pace, we provide solutions that are safe, environmentally and user-friendly, easily maintainable, versatile, high quality, at cost competitive prices. With this, we strive to continue to be a partner who can always offer the “best solution” by proposing the production equipment from the customer’s perspective.

For those considering the introduction of our production equipment

TSS manufactures the following equipment:

Stitching Insertion Machine / Stitching and Bend Insertion Machine / Gang Insertion and Post Insertion machine / Visual Inspection Machine / Packing Machine / Plug Assembly Machine / Sensor Assembly Machine

Connector production

High-quality equipment alone is not enough to make electronic parts automatically.
No matter how good the equipment is, if there are no workers to handle it, a good product cannot be made.
The product is a mirror that reflects the heart of the creator. We want to convey our mission through our products. We strive to always be trusted, safe and reliable.

For those considering contract manufacturing of connectors at TSS

TSS responds to customer needs by utilizing the experience and know-how cultivated in our own connector-related production facility. In addition, improvements are made in both assembly machine production and production, and processes are constantly being built upon. We offer production process proposals and dispersion controlled products that also support ISO9001 and IATF16949 (for automotive).


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